Social Change - Institute for Innovation in Gender Research and Violence Prevention

Social Change is a non-profit, non-governmental association of and platform for committed researchers who - by using innovative research designs and developing novel methods - set out to promote effective measures to achieve gender equality and to prevent interpersonal violence.


Social Change is dedicated

  • to explore interpersonal violence, gender issues and the role of communication and the media in these areas,
  • to develop good practice measures to promote the equality between women and men and to prevent interpersonal violence,
  • to exchange experience and expertise on the scientific as well as on the practical level.


Our aims and activities are

  • to carry out research related to gender equality and prevention of interpersonal violence,
  • to study the role of communication and media in preventing interpersonal violence and achieving gender equality,
  • to investigate, develop and promote good practice measures to prevent interpersonal violence, particularly violence against women and children and to improve gender relations,
  • to network researchers and experts active in the fields of violence prevention and gender issues,
  • to make these efforts accessible to the wider public by making use of modern communication technologies.

Social Change is one of the very few Austrian non-university research institutes dedicated to gender studies and the first in Austria to focus on the research of interpersonal violence.

Social Change works as a virtual office by using modern communication technologies. Therefore no funding is spent on overhead costs but is exclusively used for carrying out projects.